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My husband just doesn’t understand me… and now I’m about to cheat…

Don’t worry – it’s not what you think. I’m still as loved up as ever with my fabulous Mr. D. The problem is that now we have moved house, he cannot understand why I still insist on trekking to the other side of the city to visit my usual salon.

“What’s the matter with you?” he asked exasperated, “we have a salon just down the road from us and you still want to go to your old salon!”

“Yes,” I replied equally annoyed, “because they know me.”

“So what? The beauticians at the new salon will get to know you too. I don’t see why it matters…”

And on and on it raged. Most men might not care who cuts their hair just as long as it’s done well and for a good price. Us ladies are different. We are very particular who we allow near our face, hair, nails and body. If they prove to be good, we will continue to use them no matter what the cost or how far we have to travel.

And it’s not only that but over time, we start to build a rapport with our beautician/hair stylist. They know what treatments we like; what products work for our skin and which don’t; how we usually have our hair styled etc. And of course there’s the bonding that occurs over the luxury pedicure. We talk; we tell them things; they tell us things; we share advice about things that aren’t even remotely related to hair and beauty. That’s why we keep going back to the same people time and time again.


And as I know only too well, good salons are really hard to find. I have had my fair share – and probably everyone else’s fair share  – of horror stories including the disgusting beautician who used window cleaner on my face (?) and the even more hideous salon owner who tried to cover up for her. So is it any wonder then, that when we find someone whose work we like and whom we bond with, that we make like Velcro and attach ourselves to them?

Over dinner with some of our friends the other night, Mr. D had a good moan to them about me traipsing for miles to get to my fave salon.

“Well,” one of my friends began, ” when you get used to a salon, you don’t really want to go anywhere else. That’s just the way it is.”


That told him! He even said that he overheard his female work colleagues talking about the same thing: that they would travel out of town to go to a salon that they really liked. I think he’s beginning to understand that it’s just what us girls do. However my friends did laugh their heads off when they heard that I was constantly emailing my hairdresser when I went on holiday – saying that I was taking the attachment thing too far!


So why is it that I’m now going to contradict everything that I’ve just said and visit a new salon that’s ten minutes from where we now live? Well it was Mr. D. who persuaded me to give it a go.  “Just go and see how it is,” he said. Furthermore however, it’s the weekend; I’m frazzled after a hard week, and I don’t want too travel too far for a well deserved facial and massage. But I am by no means abandoning my regular haunt – but it helps to have somewhere local to go to when I need a super quick pick-me-up.

So why do I feel so guilty? I feel like a cheating spouse! Does anyone else have salon issues?


Thank You Veet!



I’m not really much of a beauty gadget girl; until recently my hair straighteners and blow dryer were the only appliances I needed. But then I discovered the Veet EasyWax electrical roll-on kit which promised ‘salon wax results at home.’ “Yeah, right!” I thought rather cynically.




Shaving proved to be such a hassle that I stopped a decade ago and have been waxing  – using hot wax – ever since. Like most women, I have waxing treatments done at salons, and as much as I love being pampered (it’s really not that painful!) visiting salons requires time and money I don’t always have. While living in the States, I was shocked to see the price of waxing treatments in salons. Things are usually much cheaper in America than they are in Britain – but not getting your pins waxed! I knew that this was something I wouldn’t be able to do regularly due to the expense – and I hated the thought of looking like a cave woman!




Of course, I tried waxing at home. I’d buy a tub of wax and a pack of cloth strips and although effective, it proved to be very messy and time consuming. It was all that running down the stairs to the kitchen to reheat the tub of wax that was going cold! In the end I gave up and just stuck to visiting the salon whenever I could. Though I did worry about what I’d do if ever we moved back to Oregon. I didn’t want to bankrupt myself just because I wanted silky smooth legs!




Then I heard about the Veet EasyWax. It sounded like the answer to my prayers but a lot of my local stores didn’t stock them. it was only recently, when I moved to a new area that I managed to find one.  It had already been very reasonably priced but now it was on SALE!!! talk about a stroke of luck! So I snapped one up but it was about another two weeks before I could put it to use.



The EasyWax is a handheld gadget that looks like a larger than average lady shaver. You pop a wax cartridge into the EasyWax, plug it in and wait for the wax to heat up. Then just roll it on and whip it off with the wax strips! It comes with a super simple set of instructions and I was absolutely delighted with the results. Cartridges can be bought separately. Most of the gadgets I buy only get used once before they’re consigned to spending the rest of their days cooped up inside the box they came in. It won’t be happening with the Veet EasyWax.


Worth every penny. Veet – we salute you!



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