Write From The Heart: We Can’t Stop!



Just read that good-girl-turned-batshit-crazy Miley Cyrus has penned an open letter to her ex-fiancé, the superbuff Liam Hemsworth apologising for her antics and asking if they could meet to talk things through. Miley, despite going on Ellen to say that she’s “the happiest I’ve ever been,” isn’t handling the break-up too well and still loves and misses Liam.

Liam and Miley in happier times

Liam and Miley in happier times


Well I don’t know how much truth is in this story about an ‘open letter’ as the public hasn’t seen anything yet. Any kind of letter that Ms. Cyrus might have written is bound to be a private one, written for only Liam to read – just as it should be.

But the story brought back a lot of memories for me…

A few years back, my then boyfriend and I realised that we couldn’t make it work and decided to call it a day – though not before a heated exchange! As this wasn’t my first stay at Heartbreak Hotel, I pretty much knew the drill: I’d cry a bit; have this hollow feeling for a while; wonder if this ‘love stuff’ was worth the hassle, before deciding that it was and trying to get a ride back  on the Love Train. I knew I’d be fine again at some point soon.

Image from huffingtonpost.com

Image from huffingtonpost.com


But this time it felt different…

I’d been brought up on that old adage never to run after a man or a bus as there was bound to be another one coming along soon. However, try as I might, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that what ever the next man (or bus!) was like, I wouldn’t like it as much as the one I’d just lost (or missed!) I knew that if I didn’t make one last effort to win him back, I’d regret it forever. Sure, he might laugh in my face and tell me to take a hike (or bus ride!) but I had to try. So I turned on my laptop, signed in to my email and began to write…

Write from the heart...

Write from the heart…


And did my gamble pay off? Well, let’s just say that the recipient of that email is right this minute sat in front of me playing his beloved computer games, snacking and leaving a pile of wrappers, cartons and bottles scattered all over the floor. Am I thrilled? You bet! I’m so glad I realised what I had before it was too late and swallowed my pride. It just goes to show that you always know when something’s the real deal and worth fighting for.

Hopefully Miley’s story will have a happy ending too.



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