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Red Herring Red Alert!


You might remember the stunning red lace dress from Marks and Spencer that featured in a Chez Mrs. D post. Well I also stumbled across this equally gorgeous, racy little number by Red Herring, available from Debenhams. I’m not usually one for bright, fire-engine red but to say that I like this dress is like saying Mary Berry enjoys doing a little baking from time to time.

At only £40 it’s a steal. I got to get me down to Debenhams – and quick!





Better Living #1: Better Living Is Here!

Well I promised you there’d be a series dedicated to living better, healthier, happier and easier at Chez Mrs. D. – so here it is! Welcome to the very first post.

I’ve known for a while that I am not doing myself and my overall wellbeing any favours. I don’t always eat the right food; I start every morning with a cup of coffee; I go to bed way too late and feel tired every morning hence the coffee; working out is a thing of the past; there are nights I go to bed with my make up on; I don’t drink enough water; I can be grouchy and overemotional (poor Mr. D!) my organisation skills are dreadful which means I’m often behind schedule… the list goes on.

But I know that I have no desire to want to stay this way forever. I want to have bags of energy rather than bags under my eyes; I want to spend more time with the people who matter instead of catching up on chores; I’d like to further explore and develop my spiritual side; I want to achieve my dream of better skin to the point where I can go make-up free (a girl can dream) I want to embrace my unruly mop of hair and not feel as though I have to style, re-style and style it again; I need to get more sleep; have more ‘me’ time; achieve goals; stop semi-completing everything; laugh louder than I already do; be healthier and fitter; appreciate the little things in life and stop sweating the small stuff; devote more time to great relationships – and ditch the ones that don’t work; and make sure that my already fabulous marriage just gets better and better each day… and again the list goes on!

What makes the Better Living series different to the rest of the blog is that it is dedicated to improving every aspect of your life and wellbeing:

  • physical – heath; fitness; exercise; healthy eating; skin and hair care.
  • emotional – balancing moods; mental well being; resolving problems; sleeping better; overcoming anxiety.
  • spiritual – meditation; alternative therapies; finding inner peace; spiritual beliefs; giving meaning and purpose to our lives.
  • occupational – job satisfaction; overcoming conflict; improving work conditions; happier working life; developing your career.
  • social – relationships with family; friends; colleagues and partners; being part of a community; interacting with others.
  • environmental – being green; using environmentally-friendly products; less wastefulness.
  • intellectual – seeking new challenges; improving skills; fully experiencing life; expanding knowledge; opening up to new ideas.

There will be real life stories, case studies, practical advice, tips from the experts, and you can keep up to date with my progress as I aim to live better!

Better Living is here everyone. Enjoy!


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